Vinicius Nunes Henrique Silva

Prof. Vinicius Nunes Henrique Silva received his B.S. (2006) and M.S. (2009) degrees, both in Telecommunication Engineering, from Federal University Fluminense (UFF), and his Doctorat, in Science de l'ingénieur, from Télécom-Bretagne, now IMT Atlantique (2013). After obtaining his doctorate degree, he joined the Department of Telecommunication Engineering of UFF, Brazil, in 2014, where he currently holds an adjunct professor position. Prof. Henrique Silva has co-authored over 70 refereed journals and conference papers. His research is mainly focused on optical communication and sensors, which includes free space optics, plastic optical fibre and applied optics. Some of his recent research activities also include optical sensors for brewing technologies and agriculture.

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